Arabica Colombian Coffee - From Medellín - ANTIOQUIA COFFEE

Arabica Coffee – Antioquia State – 1 package ( 16Oz. Each)


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Each package contains 16 ounces of MEDIUM ROAST ARABICA COFFEE.
This pack is in Florida – United States. Package of Arabica coffee from Antioquia State in Colombia.
CUP PROFILE: Panela, Fruits, Citric, Walnut, Sweet

After Huila State, Antioquia is the larger producer of Colombian coffee. It has dedicated 50% of its arable land to produce coffee. Each season, from September to December, about a workforce of 80,000 is required to collect more than 138,000,000 pounds of ripe coffee cherries. Representing 16% of total country production. Its varied climate, cold from the altitude and warm from the Caribbean Sea, produces the environmental elements for perfect a valanced taste with slightly herbals and fruity. Antioquia’s coffee crops are planted an average of 8,000 ft above sea level.

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Weight 12 oz
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12Oz, 16OZ


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