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Enjoy an Arabica coffee

Arabica coffee is the most consumed and the protagonist of the success of this beverage in world trade. The origins of this species go back to Africa and, until today, it is cultivated in Latin America with plantations that reach 10 meters in height.

Arabica coffee is a fruit of the coffee tree that has been consumed in every country on the planet since the sixth century. In addition to this fame, this beverage provides us with an excellent aroma.

The Arabica species is the only one that is harvested in Colombia, which is why it is considered characteristic of this nation.

Colombian Coffee one of the best of the world

How to drink Arabica coffee?

If you want to know how to drink Arabica coffee properly, we recommend you follow these steps:

1. Buy the arabica coffee of “The Dali Coffee” from the region of your preference in our virtual store with the certainty that it is a 100% Colombian coffee.

2. When you have the gourmet coffee in your hands, choose the size and grind it.

3. Open a large bottle of water and boil it.

4. Measure the amount according to the cups you will prepare (1 cup equals 2 teaspoons).

5. Wash and disinfect all the utensils you will use.

6. Choose the equipment among piston, manual, automatic, espresso, steam and prepare it.

7. Enjoy your coffee.

Don’t forget that, although there are several ways to prepare it, the most important thing is that you use bottled water and that you have the utensils properly disinfected.

Have a good cup of coffee

People who are lovers of good coffee recognize that the Colombian variety has a clean cup, body, denomination and guarantee of origin. Elements that certify the excellent quality of the coffee.

The Colombian coffee regions par excellence are Cauca, Antioquia, Santander, Quindío, Risaralda and Caldas. Territories where hundreds of thousands of farming families plant mocha in 3.3 million hectares.

You will consider the coffees of The Dali Coffee because they have protected geographical identification (IGP) of the European Union and the triangular logo of the program 100 % Colombian Coffee of Juan Valdez in the packing. Enjoy an Arabica coffee and drink it safely thanks to the class verifications that all our products pass.

Recommendations of accompaniments

In Colombia we usually drink our coffee pure and accompanied by milk, powdered cinnamon, desserts, whipped cream, arepas, eggs and paisa platter.

The best Arabica coffee is in The Dali Coffee and you can find it in our virtual store. You will be convinced that the beans are 100% Colombian because of the quality seals that our product has. We also guarantee the denomination of origin and the IGP of the coffee zones of Colombia.

Do not hesitate and follow our advice on how to prepare Arabic coffee.

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