Arabica Cofee, more than supreme. The Dali Coffee

Arabica Coffee, more than supreme. 

If you have ever had the experience of buying coffee online and then enjoying it at home, you will know that Arabica coffee is one of the favorite varieties of the regular consumers of this exceptional beverage. Also those who do not consider themselves sybarites are conquered by the unique flavor.

We tell you that this variety of coffee belongs to the family of Rubiaceae bushes, which covers approximately 60% of the production of this product worldwide.

The seed is known by the same name and, after being submitted to the production process, it offers a coffee with fruity touches, high acidity, medium body and perfumed and floral aromas.

Arabica coffee characteristics

There are characteristics of this variety of coffee that have made it famous internationally and that have positioned it among the two most cultivated species. We detail them for you:

– Caffeine level: This variety of coffee is cultivated at a higher altitude than the Robusta variety, which makes its caffeine content lower. This varies between 0.9% and 1.7%, while in the Robusta variety it can reach up to 2.7%.

– Shades: Very perfumed and sweet, in addition to light acidity and ample flavor shades.

– Plantation: If the trees have free growth, they can reach between 4 and 6 meters high.

– Sweetness: This species of coffee has 60% more sugars than the Robusta variety.

The Colombian Arabica coffee stands out in the market due to the excellent quality of the coffee, which is the reason why the South American country is the world reference in producing and exporting this product.

Today, buying coffee from home is possible thanks to the boom in online coffee stores. Through them, we can buy Arabica coffee in different varieties:

– Typical: Although it is produced in Colombia, this version has origins in Africa. It is a variety of high bearing. This characteristic and the excellent flavor make it the best of the Arabica species. To preserve the excellent quality, it is harvested under the shade.

– Bourbon: Originally from the Reunion Island, but also produced in Colombia, it adapts to any height, which makes it the most appreciated in the market.

– Tabi: It is a hybrid variety of the two previous ones, ideal for the preparation of specialty coffees. It is 80% superior to the supreme coffee.

– Caturra: This is a variety of the bourbon, naturally mutated from this species, although the plant is usually smaller. It is also considered to be a variety of high portage.

If you want to experience the pleasure of the best coffees in the world, we recommend this variety, an excellent option to start your mornings. And the best thing of all is that now you can order your coffee online from home.

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