5 tips to make great coffee. By Arabicol Coffee. Special Selection Coffee

5 tips to make great coffee

Colombian Arabica coffee is recognized worldwide for its quality, and here we offer you some tips to prepare Colombian coffee that will enhance its flavor to the maximum.


Always look for the freshest coffee. It is better that the time between its production and its preparation is shorter: experts recommend buying small quantities of coffee, that is to say, containers of less than 250 grams so as not to store it in the cupboard.


Select the best brands and species of coffee in the market, research a little more about the places of coffee production and its processes. Opting for the Arabica variety of Arabicol Special selection Coffee is a good choice.


Choose coffee beans over ground coffee. The procedure of grinding coffee at home allows it to better conserve its aroma and its flavor to be intact at the time of consumption.


Be careful with the proportions between the amount of coffee and the amount of water, because you can obtain a very bitter coffee or one with no taste. And, above all, remember not to overdo it with the amount of sugar.


Reserve the coffee in airtight, clean, opaque containers, free of strange aromas, away from sunlight.

Colombian Coffee one of the best of the world

Ways to prepare a good coffee

After these tips to prepare a good coffee, we bring you 5 more tips to prepare arabica coffee like never before.

1. The “tinto” coffee is the most common and richest way of consuming Colombian coffee, its preparation is elaborated with a greca filtering pot or coffee brewer. A small amount of Arabicol Special Selection Coffee is added, hot water and it is ready.

2. The carajillo is another well known way of preparing coffee, this is prepared as a “tinto” coffee, but a liqueur such as rum or brandy is added. It is similar to the Irish coffee with whiskey and whipped cream.

3. Changing the classic hot presentation and opting for a cold coffee is also valid, it is only necessary to freeze a few cubes of coffee the night before and serve it in a glass with milk.

4. Cappuccino is a great way to enjoy sweet coffee. It is accompanied with creamy milk and a thick foam, and sometimes a little whipped cream or cinnamon powder is added to accompany the flavor.

5. Finally, one of the eccentric ways of preparing coffee is the Hong Kong style; a traditional Southeast Asian blend that includes coffee along with tea and milk.

Coffee is a beverage that is part of our daily life, therefore, you should find diverse ways to consume it, but above all, look for the best coffee in the market that is surely found in Colombia. We hope that these 5 tips for preparing coffee have been useful for you.

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